Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Weekend Flying By

Once again it is Monday already. It always seems as though the weekends go by so quickly. And most are packed with different fun activities and cleaning.
This weekend we had trick or treating, gymnastics, church, and attending Mamma Mia, the musical yesterday afternoon.
My youngest daughter is recovering from the stomach flu and has been extremely crabby as well.
So, not much reading going on, although I have started several books now. I have also received a few more ARCs that I absolutely must get through sometime soon.
Mamma Mia was wonderful. The girls loved the movie when we saw it in the theatre last summer and we listen to my ABBA CD in the car all the time. Yesterdays' production was awesome as well. Now I wish I would have bought us tickets to a few more events that are coming to our area, but I am also trying to pay off my credit card and since the holidays are coming, buying more tickets isn't really in my game plan right now.
I'll just have to settle for listening and singing along to ABBA in the car for a while.

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