Thursday, October 8, 2009

What My Daughter's Reading

Right now this year it has been exciting to see what my oldest daughter has been reading to herself. Sometimes she reads before bedtime, but most of the time we are busy at night so that the one consistent time she reads every day is before she goes to sleep. Her second grade teacher has also been having her students keep a log of books they have read, and it is also exciting to see her finish books all by herself. This past week she has read through a couple great books - ones that I have given her and hope to read myself. Originally I thought I would read them to all my girls as our nightly read aloud, but since we already had a book at the time and L was looking for something on her own, I dug into my stash.

Julia Gillian by Alison McGhee was a hit with her. The fact that there were some illustrations probably helped, and made the book seem like it was moving quickly even though it was close to two hundred pages. The book begins by telling the reader that Julia Gillian owns a St. Bernard. Since we also had a St. Bernard for a while, this was an instant attraction.

I then recommended Julie Danneberg's Family Reminders. Amanda at A Patchwork of Books reviewed this one, and I love historical fiction so was anxious to get it. We talked a bit about the time period and location, but as L read, could tell she got it as she explained various parts of the plot.

Now she has moved on to Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little. This book is too cute and another quick read. I think the humor in it is also attractive, and will be quickly torn through. I happily reported that there are two more Moxy Maxwell books to read next.

After that, we'll have to see. There are some I want to pass on that for whatever reason don't appeal to L. I have been extremely pleased lately that she has actually taken my suggestions. Such fun to see her totally into her reading. And, it so reminds me of myself when I was that age.

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