Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shopping Spree

After many months- maybe a year- of talking about buying bookshelves to help with my total book addiction, I finally managed to do it. Right now seven boxes from IKEA are sitting in my garage waiting to be assembled.
My friend, Kristin, and I left after school on Friday and stayed up in the Twin Cities. We managed to hit the Medford Outlet mall, the Burnsville Mall, Kohls, Target, IKEA, and the Wild Rumpus children's bookstore (another lovely place). There were lots of books to look at as well as a rat that can be viewed through see-through floor panels - eww! I managed to restrain myself mostly and bought only the second Julia Gillian book by Alison McGhee and Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez. We had time to catch up on books we have read, want to read, and ones we have used with our students. This was only my second trip to IKEA and I am totally in love with that store. Hopefully tonight I will get to start putting bookshelves together and finish the book I started. What a great weekend!


Kristin said...

I had fun too!

Peaceful Reader said...

Love the photos of the Wild Rumpus!!