Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

It doesn't feel much like the 4th of July today - we are expecting a high of 72 degrees and rain. So far my girls have watched a few episodes of Full House on DVD and are putting in a Lazy Town DVD. What a lazy summer day. I have a few things on my list of things I should do - like clean- but am not very excited about any of those things.

Yesterday I finished Dyan Sheldon's second book in a series (if you can call it that), I Conquer Britain. Sophie Pitt-Turnbull, a Brit, has gone to New York to stay with her mother's good friend from college. In Sophie Pitt Turnbull Discovers America, Sophie is in awe of the strange lifestyle of her mother's friend. She is also disgusted by the work she is required to do. She had expected a vacation, not having to be a babysitter.

I Conquer Britain is Sheldon's account of the experience Cherokee Salamanca has visiting Sophie Pitt Turnbull's parents in Britain. Cherokee is the product of the hippie, alternative lifestyle she has been accustomed to in New York. When she arrives at the Pitt-Turnbulls she, too, is in awe of how different their life is from hers. They are very traditional and proper.

Both of these books were fun reads. I wouldn't say that either one gave a lot of information about the cultures that the girls experienced, rather it was the very different home lifes and lifestyles that gave each girl a shock. Definitely humorous and worth reading both to see the girls perspectives of each lifestyle...almost like a teenage version of Wife Swap. Next I would love to see Sophie and Cherokee meet somewhere.

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