Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mediocre Reads

Over the span of this past month I have finished a few other books that I ended up not writing reviews on. All were OK, but not great.

Far From Normal by Kate Klise is the sequel to the middle grade novel Deliver Us From Normal. I read the first book a few years ago, but remembered right where this story left off. Far From Normal was entertaining and it was good to see what happened to Charlie and his family since when we last saw them they were planning on living on a run-down houseboat. A few years have passed and the family has been living on a houseboat, but now in this new novel, Charlie and his family find themselves working as family representatives for a large warehouse type company, promoting its products. This is the last thing the family wants and Charlie has to find a way out of this for them.
On The Road Again: More Travels with My Family by Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel is another sequel. The first book, Travels with My Family, I have not read. I liked the family's story of moving to France and the details about various aspects of French life. The book ends up being kind of educational without really trying or seeming like it.

I am almost finished with Michael J. Fox's Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. I like Michael J. Fox and don't mind this book, but I have managed to set it down for a week now and am going to make myself read the rest. While I prefer books that are about a person's relationships, family, friends, this book is more about Fox's work on his foundation for Parkinson's and his political beliefs as well as a recounting of different meetings and events that have taken place in this aspect of his life. There are a few tidbits he shares from his personal life, but that is what I wish this entire book was about.

And, I finished The Piano Man by Marcia Preston this morning. The book begins with the tragic death of Claire's son Nathan in a car crash. His organs are donated and his heart given to Mason a professional violinist. After three years Claire still grieves for her son and tracks down the man who received his heart. Mason is no longer the successful musician he once was, but is instead down on his luck, playing piano at a bar. Claire begins to befriend him and the two eventually establish a relationship. Nathan's absentee father, his girlfriend, and a few other minor characters are a part of the story as well. Some parts of this book I found enjoyabe, but many things about this story I felt were rather trite. When I came to the last page I could hardly believe the book ended. It seemed that the story shouldn't be over.

None of these books were awful, they just weren't the ones that I sit there and think about after I have read them, or the ones that I anxiously tell my friends to go and read. I am happy to be starting on a few new things that I am really enjoying.

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