Monday, June 29, 2009

Lonely Monday

I can't remember the last time I was lonely. Usually I have three little girls surrounding me and wanting my attention or help or something! However, today I sit here in the librray by myself, and since I am used to a lot of commotion, it seems lonely. Yesterday I dropped my oldest daughter off at camp. She is only there until Wednesday morning and I am hoping she is having a great time, but it is strange not to have her around. My middle daughter wanted to bake cookies with my mom and didn't think running errands with mom sounded fun, so she went with Grandma. And my youngest daughter is at daycare for a while so she can take a much needed nap. I could really use my time wisely and clean, but instead I am at the library looking at books. The cleaning will be there for me, I'm sure.
Last night I finished the book I keep with my on my elliptical bike: The Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow. This is a non-fiction account of eleven friends who are now in their mid-forties and have known each other since they entered elementary school. Their story is not extremely exciting or dramatic - someone could have written a book about you and your friends much like this one. It is interesting to see how lives unfold and I did especially enjoy how close these friends remain over time. My mother has a group of college friends that continue to get together every couple years now that their children are grown and they have more time to do that, so it is my mother and her friends I thought of as I read this book. Zaslow perhaps makes everyone seem a bit too perfect - they are all beautiful, they all have wonderful husbands, etc. - the drudgery of real life is not really revealed. I liked knowing the setting from personal experiences of my own, and I am guessing that many book clubs will want to read this title about friendship enduring through time.

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