Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Reason for My Pain

So far I am having a Happy Mother's Day. The girls made me breakfast in bed: toast with no butter, two strawberries they proceeded to gnaw at before I could take a bite, and some cold eggs. Mmmmm! We went to church, ate lunch, and now are in the middle of nap time (for the two youngest girls and my husband). This would be a great opportunity for me to run or do some form of exercise. Except I am in pain. Barely can walk down the stairs pain. Can't bend over pain. Yesterday I had a great idea. My foot was hurting while I ran so I decided to stop after three miles (last year I didn't stop when I was in pain and ended up with a stress fracture and couldn't run at all for three weeks, so I am trying to learn from this mistake). Then I decided to break out the new DVD I bought: The 30 Day Shred. Wow. What a workout. I actually don't think I am in horrible shape, but after this 20 minute workout I knew I was going to be sore. The idea is that you do this workout for 30 days in a row. How can I do it again today when I can barely move? I don't want to cry while exercising. I am still contemplating tortuing myself this afternoon. Reading a book sounds a lot safer.

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peaceful reader said...

okay, I'm just laughing at this!! Maybe you could do it every other day!