Friday, May 8, 2009

Left to Tell

Immaculee Ilibagiza is a survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust. She has written a powerful memoir recounting her life in Rwanda before the death of her family in 1994 and of the terrifying events that occurred in her life during that time. This book was sad - devastating to know so many innocent and beautiful people were killed - yet Immaculee is hopeful despite all that has been lost. Her faith in God is what she credits with being able to go on. When she spends three months hiding in a bathroom from the Hutu rebels that were killing her people she prays constantly and felt close to God. In all things she is able to find God's hand. When she worries that the Hutus are coming to kill her while she is in hiding, she begs the pastor who is hiding her to move a large bureau in front of the door. This stuns the other women, since none of them had known there was even a bureau large enough to hide the door. Imaculee credits God with giving her this idea. There are numerous other ways Imaculee credits God with keeping her safe and guiding her decisions. Imaculee is also able to forgive all those who have hurt her and her family. This is incredible to me since many people would become bitter with what she has gone through. As Imaculee states when she meets the man responsible for killing her father, "Forgiveness is all I have to offer." She is able to recognize the necessity of forgiveness for herself as well so that she can find peace and happiness in the rest of her time here on earth. This story is incredible and I won't be forgetting Imaculee Ilibagiza and all she and other Rwandans have gone through.

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peaceful reader said...

Looks like a very interesting memoir-thanks for the great review!