Monday, May 11, 2009

Prayers For Sale

This morning I woke up not quite as sore as yesterday, although stairs are still presenting a challenge. However, I did manage to get through a workout on the elliptical and the Airdyne bike, and am ready to attempt the 30 Day Shred again tonight. Since I didn't do my entire workout this morning, I had a little extra reading time and finished up Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. Dallas' work first became known to me when I read The Persian Pickle Club several years ago now. I liked the book, but wouldn't say I loved it. I think if I went back to read it again my enjoyment might be greater now. Since then I have read all of Dallas' work and enjoyed each book. Her latest, Prayers for Sale, is another well written historical fiction novel.

Set in a Colorado mining town during the Depression, Hennie , a long time resident meets Nit, a newly married young woman who has just moved to the town. Nit is desperate for friends and Hennie takes her under her wing, inviting her to join her quilting club and spending time with her. In all the time they spend together, Hennie happily shares her stories- some of her own life and some of the others she has known in her eighty six years.

Prayers for Sale is a book that can be loved by many - it should appeal to generations of women. I loved the setting and wish I could visit Hennie someday.

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