Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Converting Kate

Becky Weinheimer's book Converting Kate was the second young adult book I was able to enjoy while home sick on Monday. I had checked it out a while ago, and can't quite remember if I had heard or read anything about it, but thought it sounded interesting after reading the front flap. Kate and her mother have moved to Maine where her mother is running a bed and breakfast owned by Kate's great aunt. Although her parents divorced when Kate was ten she and her father were still close and his death which occurred suddenly just a year ago has left Kate grieving and questioning her faith. Kate's mother raised her with strict, fundamental-like religious beliefs at the Church of the Holy Divine. These beliefs have set Kate apart from her peers and are ones her father does not subscribe to. After his death and their move to Maine Kate starts going to her great aunt's church and refusing to practice different aspects of her mother's faith. She starts to make friends who help her question what she has always accepted, and especially becomes close to the new pastor when she starts attending youth group activities. I liked this book more than I thought I might. Weinheimer's writing quickly grabbed me. I also appreciated Weinheimer's own author note she includes making this story seem more personal to her own life. Converting Kate is Weinheimer's first book and I will look forward to more writing from her.

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peaceful reader said...

Sick day reading...very nice!!! I need a sick day as I am suffering from the most insufferable cold ever!