Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lock and Key

This past weekend I have spent time being sick at home. In addition to me being sick, my husband is sick and so is my youngest daughter who began throwing up last night. I feel mostly better today and so does my husband, but there are still two people at our house who haven't been sick yet and I am hoping we can finally be rid of whatever germs we have. UGH!!! The only good thing about laying around yesterday was that I did finally get two books read.

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen has been on my stack for a while. I even started it, but never got far enough into it to care to keep going. Yesterday with some uninterrupted time I managed to read an enjoy Dessen's latest book. Ruby is a high school senior who had been living alone with her deadbeat mother. When her mom abandons her, leaving town with a boyfriend, Ruby tries to keep up the job she and her mother shared and continues to go to school maintaining the life she was used to for a time. When her landlord stops by and notices the broken dryer, Ruby's secret is out and she is taken in by her sister Cora, who she has had no contact with for the past ten years. Cora's life is like something out of a magazine: perfect loving husband, beautiful home, great job. Ruby isn't sure what to think of all of it and is sure that this new life is only temporary. Her sister and brother in law's neighbor, Nate, also a high school senior, befriends Ruby long before she knows how to be a friend to him. It is this friendship Ruby must remember when she discovers some of Nate's secrets.
I liked the suspense Dessen created in this novel as Nate's secret is revealed. I also enjoyed the development of Ruby's character and watching her mature. I have only read a few of Dessen's novels, but with each one can see how each appeal to young adults.

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