Monday, February 2, 2009

The Comeback Season

I have been waiting to post something about The Comeback Season by Jennifer E. Smith all weekend. I have read great reviews about this book and was sucked in right away when I started reading. Sadly, I had little time to read last week, and after putting it down so many times found it was hard to pick it back up. I liked the main character, Ryan, right away, and felt like her feelings about her dad's death rang true. Because I had read other reviews about this book I was not surprised by this at all. I was surprised, however, when Nick's secret is that he has cancer. As a parent of a childhood cancer survivor, I don't want to read books about kids or teens with cancer. It is just too close to my own experience, and I can't help but measure the author's ability to accurately convey how horrible this really is, since most of them have never experienced it themselves. The Comeback Season is well written, and I did like the story, for the mostpart, but after Nick's secret is revealed, I will admit I didn't want to continue reading all that badly.

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