Friday, January 30, 2009


I am happy to report I have finished three books in the past day, so I am finally getting some reading done. American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld is an adult book I read while using my Airdyne bike. It took me quite a while since I don't ride that long or far each day, but I always looked forward to reading Sittenfeld's book. I am so sad now that it is done, but have already started Elizabeth Edwards' memoir. I also started and finished Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher last night. I enjoyed her humor and found myself chuckling from time to time. And, I also finished Impossible by Nancy Werlin. I have heard a lot about this book, and read various reviews. I had only ever read one other Nancy Werlin book before, which I will admit I wasn't impressed with. I am not much into creepy, and the book I had read was creepy.
This story is about Lucinda, a high school senior, who lives with her foster parents. Her mother, Miranda, shows up from time to time, but is the local crazy homeless lady. When Lucinda is raped and finds herself pregnant, she learns more about the curse placed on her and the other women in her family. Each woman found themselves pregnant at the age of eighteen and gave birth to a daughter. Once they had given birth they went crazy. Lucy takes the curse seriously and with her boyfriend and foster parents tries to break its grip on her. Maybe a teen reader would find this book engrossing but even though I knew it was fantasy, so therefore, it wasn't believable, I had a hard time buying into the story. I felt that the curse was weak....I mean, really, she has to prove the four tasks in a verse of Scarborough Fair? It just seemed rather silly. There were parts of this book I really enjoyed, but overall I wasn't very impressed. Knowing this book received great reviews makes me wonder what I was missing.

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