Monday, January 30, 2023

Monday Mini-Reviews: A Mitford Affair

 I have loved Marie Benedict's books since I read The Other Einstein years ago.  So, every time I know she has a new book coming out, I'm always excited to see which woman in history she has chosen to center her latest story around.

What a treat that her latest novel is about the Mitford sisters.

Although I know of the Mitford sisters, I didn't know any details.  This book, although fiction, is written in the perspective of three of the sisters: Nancy, Diana and Unity.  All of the girls were a part of English society: wealthy, brilliant and beautiful.  Diana divorces her husband after she decides to focus on the affair she has been having with a leader in the fascist party, while Unity follows her sister to Germany where it is rumored she is Hitler's mistress.   Nancy, the oldest sister, a novelist can't believe how her sisters are so taken with Adolf Hitler, and is appalled by their fascist leanings.  

I spent a lot of time googling various details about the Mitfords and as usual with Benjamin's books, my curiosity is piqued, and I am looking at a nonfiction book about these women.

I feel like Benjamin does a great job of finding women in history that many people don't know a lot about.  A Mitford Affair is historical fiction at its best and getting time to read quality books in my favorite genre is such a treat. 

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