Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Nonfiction Tuesday: Coffee Table Books

This year I have been buying a lot of coffee table books for school.  I have kids who really don't want to read, but will look at a variety of books that I set out on the coffee table I have in the library.  I am constantly changing them out, trying to find something that might interest them.  

I have also added a few of these books to my Christmas shopping list because they are perfect for browsing, picking them up for short time periods of time, and then putting them down. 

Here are ten of my recommendations:

1.  Friends Forever: The One About the Episodes by Gary Susman, Jeannine Dillon and Bryan Cairns

2.  Kobe Bryant: A Tribute To A Basketball Legend by Sports Illustrated

3.  Lego Minifigures: a Visual History by Gregory Farshtey, Daniel Lipkowitz, et al

4.  Sneaker Mayhem: The Ultimate Sneaker Book for Sneakerheads by Golden Lion Publications

5.  Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways to See the World by Ian Wright

6.  North America's Maps For Curious Minds: 100 New Ways to See the Continent by Ian Wright 

7.  September 11: The 9/11 Story, Aftermath and Legacy: Reports and Recollections by Journalists of The Associated Press

8.  The Midwest Survival Guide: How We Talk, Love, Work, Drink and Eat...Everything With Ranch by Charlie Berens

9.  The Peanuts Book: A Visual History of the Iconic Comic Strip by Simon Beecroft

10.  America The Beautiful by National Geographic

If these aren't ones that you'd gift to someone or read yourself, there are so many other great coffee table books out there....truly something for everyone!

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This look awesome; I know someone who is very much into maps. They all look pretty awesome.