Thursday, September 23, 2021

Friday Five: Fall Finds

 I love cross country season and this year has been so much fun. My two youngest daughters are both on the varsity high school team that is ranked second in the state.  I love watching them run.  This week we've had two meets which has been busy, but also physically tiring for the team. I was just as excited as they were when their coach let them sleep in this morning instead of having a 6 AM practice.

This weekend I have very few commitments, but I've started a couple of good books.  

I've noticed that the mornings are definitely cooler and so are the evenings.  I'm finding some great new fall clothes I'm drooling over, while attempting not to buy anything.

Here's what I've found to share:

1.  Kinetic Conquest Boot

2.  DNF Book Shirt

3.  Embroidered Enfield Half Zip Sweater

4.  Gingham Pajama Shirt and Pants

5.  Half-Zip Sweater

6.  Shirt Jacket

7.  Callista Top

8.  Women's Collared Split Neck Pullover

9.  My 80s TV 

10.  LulaRich

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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