Thursday, December 10, 2020

Friday Five

With only two weeks until Christmas, I still need to do some serious Christmas shopping.  This is causing me a little stress since I am not sure what I even intend to purchase for a few people at this point.  Of course, I have no problem finding things for myself.  Here are a few things I'd like for myself: 

1.  Delancey Herringbone Tight - I love a good herringbone pattern and these would be nice to wear with a variety of dressier tops.

2.  Pearlized Mock Neck Sweater Dress- most sweater dresses wouldn't do much for me since they'd hug all the wrong spots, but I really liked this pearlized one which seems a bit looser.

3.  Plaid Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Dress- I have absolutely nowhere to wear a cute Christmas dress but I do like this one.

4.  Tissue Turtleneck- my turtlenecks have long needed a rejuvenation.  I usually opt for a very plain neutral color, but this one would be fun.

6.  High-Rise Bistretch Slim Leg Pants- and who doesn't need a good pair of red and black plaid pants?

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7.  Feliz Navidad Graphic T- I have a cute JCrew Factory plaid skirt that this would be perfect to pair it with.

8.  Merry Everything Pillow- my pillows could also use some sprucing up.  I hate to buy a pillow that I could only have out for a few weeks each year but I do love this one.

9.  Twas the Night Before Christmas Puzzle- we've started getting out puzzles after Thanksgiving and this one might be a good challenge for us.

10.  Books and the City - I've found another podcast to listen to (as if I didn't have enough already).  I'll listen to pretty much anything about books, and this also includes some NYC info as well, which I find interesting since I'm experiencing withdrawal after getting to visit NYC.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

That Santa puzzle might frustrate me LOL

Ti said...

I say, get that adorable pillow. Also, NO on that Santa puzzle. Hahahaha. I have no patience.
I wish you lived closer so we could do some safe shopping in small little indie stores. I thought I was doing pretty well but when I wrapped stuff I realized I hardly bought anything. Now my daughter says she wants to shop for her friends. In a pandemic. I had to go to Target to get a phone charger and it was a mad house. I had to get it at that moment because my beloved Google phone died in a spectacular way. I decided to go with an iPhone this time and you know what? They don't come with chargers or ear pods anymore because of the environmental impact! I bought the same phone for my daughter two months ago and it came with both so I didn't check and couldn't finish doing the manual setup without the charger and her charger is different than what is recommended now. A bit of a pain. All that to say that Target was like Black Friday. Crazy. I left immediately.

Also, my husband's gym decided in the middle of a shutdown to open and he went this morning. Not good. I practically begged him not to go but he went anyway.