Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Mini Reviews: Middle Grade

I've been reading some great books to share with my students at school and with my own girls, too (at least my fifth grader still likes my suggestions!).  These three were all enjoyable and I would happily recommend them to YA and tween readers.

Ghost Boy by Jewell Parker Rhodes comes out in April, but it is one you should put on your TBR list already.  Jerome is just twelve when he is shot by a police officer.  He narrates this story, although he is dead - a ghost boy.  He can see his family grieve, and manages to have conversations with the police officer's daughter.  He also meets up with Emmett Till and thousands of other ghost boys who have died.  Rhodes tackles some big issues (and does it well) and offers some things to think about as well as some hope for our future.

The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley is a follow up to her novel The War That Saved My Life.  I loved that first book, and was excited to meet up again with Ada and her brother Jamie and Susan, their caregiver.  This book takes us through more of World War II, Ada's surgery to fix her club-foot, serious rationing by the British, and Lord Thorton's appearance with Ruth, a German girl who moves in with them during the war despite Lady Thorton's anger and resentment over it.  Although thinks are fairly tied up by books' end, I am hoping we get at least one more book with these same characters.

Suspect Red by L M Elliott- set in 1953, this is a great novel about the Cold War and McCarthyism.  Richard is looking for a friend and is excited when Vlad, a boy his age moves in to the neighborhood. Richard's dad is an FBI agent who has had some struggles in his career, so trying to find a real life commie would help him out. And Vlad's family does some pretty strange things.  Of course, things don't work out as planned, and there are a few twists to this story. I loved the time period and the real photographs before each chapter documenting another aspect of the Cold War.  

I've got several other books I am in the middle of right now, including the Newbery winner.  I've had a busy weekend that included very little reading, so I am hoping I can find time this week to do a little catching up.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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CLM said...

I loved the two "War" books although this one was even sadder than the first! I will have to check out these other two you reviewed.