Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happy Sunday

I may not be getting around to posting every Sunday, but at least I'm finding some time every once in a while.  It's very hot and humid here and I'm happy to report that I've started walking with a friend in the evenings when it is a little cooler in addition to my morning workout.  I love summer.

Here are a few things I've read online that have stuck with me this week as I am enjoying not having to be at work and have a little more "free" time.

I love vacation - if only taking trips didn't cost money. The Today Show had a feature this week with forty vacation must-sees for your family before your children are grown.  Sadly I think we've only hit six of the forty, although I do think we have taken our kids on some great trips.

Earlier this week I made a recipe I pinned on Pinterest quite a while ago.  It is a family favorite, although it is not my favorite to make simply because it involves a lot of dishes getting dirty.  Anyway, I had Middle Sister looking up the recipe only to discover that the site it was on has been removed.  Talk about bad news.  Luckily I searched for a while and found an identical recipe on a different site.  Click here for this creamy chicken asparagus recipe. My husband suggested I take the time to write the recipe on a piece of paper because it is too good to get lost.

The ESPY awards were earlier this week. I can't even begin to convey how amazing I feel their pick for the Pat Tillman award is. Watch the video of his acceptance speech.  What an amazing person!

I shared an article on Facebook earlier this week that resonated with me.  I have few pictures of myself -  mostly because my husband doesn't ever think to take any of me with the kids when we are on trips.  Although some of that happens just naturally because I usually am the one doing the picture taking, some of it happens because I don't particularly think I look very good in pictures.  My husband doesn't really like to have pictures taken, but not for the same reasons I have.  

And here are a few pictures to leave you with this week:

A stop at Cracker Barrel for a big plate of pancakes 

Slip-n-Slide in Des Moines on a hot summer evening 

Afternoons at the pool 

Some cake baking and frosting when it's too humid to want to play outside

Have a great week, everyone!


Ti said...

Of the places to take your kids, we've done 2. Sad.

What I do with recipes now is take pictures of them and then email them to myself. It's so lo tech but it works.

Les in Oregon said...

That chicken/asparagus pasta dish looks amazing! I've printed a copy and plan to make it this weekend. We've been getting a lot of asparagus at the farmers market and I need new ideas since I typically just grill it. Thanks!