Thursday, June 23, 2016

TLC: The Space Between Sisters

I love the Butternut Lake series, and was excited to see that instead of it being a trilogy as I had thought, Mary McNear has continued to add to this series.

The Space Between Sisters introduces two new characters: Poppy and Win.  I kept waiting for some recurring characters to show up in this novel, but unlike the others in this series, I never did see a familiar face.  (There may truly be a character or two that was present in a previous novel, but no one I could remember).  Although I would have enjoyed checking in with some of the Butternut Lake residents I feel like I've come to know, meeting a new cast of characters who may show up in a future Butternut Lake novel was enjoyable, and allows The Space Between Sisters to work as a stand-alone novel.  

Sisters Poppy and Win are spending time at Butternut Lake in the cabin their grandparents once owned.  Win has inherited the cabin and lives there year round, teaching elementary school in the small town.  Poppy has found herself at loose ends- again.  She has no job and no money and shows up at the cabin without much warning, ready to move in with Win for the summer.

There are some minor differences and challenges the sisters face, but both women have some deeper issues. Win is still trying to get over the death of her husband and Poppy has never been able to let anyone get close to her.

As more about these women is revealed, we see what has happened in their lives to lead them to this point, and root for them to find happiness.

McNear's series is an easy read, one that is perfect for a Saturday afternoon, or the beach. I love visiting this town and its many residents.

Thanks to TLC for providing a copy of this book.  All opinions expressed, are as always, my own.

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Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I'm so glad that the author went back to Butternut Lake yet again - there's so much to love about it!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.