Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Five

It's time for another edition of Friday Five, which means summer is breezing on by. We've started up with swimming lessons this week, and are looking to be done with Drivers Ed (for Big Sister) next week.  I'm trying to get a ton of reading done along with a ton of cleaning.  

In my free time, I am still looking at lots of cool stuff online. Here are a few recent finds:

1.  Charmer in Charge Top in Raspberry - This top on Mod Cloth must be popular. I think the raspberry, which is what I wanted, is sold out, but there are other colors and prints available yet.

2.  Lucy Vital Shorts - I bought a pair of black Lucy shorts earlier this summer and I would wear them every day if I could.  Unfortunately they do need to be washed every once in a while. I like both of these pairs...the bottom ones are the Vital shorts, and the print ones are on sale right now.

3.  Yoga Siren Racerback - and since I'm liking the Lucy bottoms,  I also wouldn't mind trying a top.  

4.  Veggie Noodle Co. - I made a fast trip to Des Moines this week to take Middle Sister to my sister's so they could go to see Justin Bieber in concert. Every time I'm in Des Moines I make it a point to visit Whole Foods. I picked up some beet noodles and am intrigued by the idea of making my own. I can't wait to try these at lunch today.

5.  Gilded Geode Drops - these geode earrings have caught my eye. Earlier this spring this same website had a gorgeous geode necklace that is still for sale. I'm not sure how much longer I can convince myself that I don't need them.

So, what's caught your eye this week?

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