Monday, November 1, 2021

Monday Mini-Reviews: The End of XC Season and The Start of a New Month

Today is last post about this year's cross country season.  Saturday was a gorgeous fall day- the perfect day to watch running and to be running!  

The girls both ran well.  This was Middle Sister's last XC meet as a Denver Cyclone and Little Sister's first time running at state.  The team may not have run their best race ever, but they did a great job overall, and ended up taking second place.  Little Sister placed fifth individually, earning herself a spot on deck.  

It was an exciting day filled with friends and family who came to watch and support our runners.  

It's always sad to see this season end, but this year has been one that was a little bit magical for this team.


The varsity girls XC team - 2nd place in 2A

I feel rather proud of myself that I got any reading done at all this weekend.  One of the books I'm waiting to share because NonFiction November kicks off today (my first post will be tomorrow).  


Sophie Kinsella's books are always ones I enjoy reading.  They are entertaining, fast reads, and this one was the perfect thing to pick up during a very busy weekend.

Effie is surprised when her parents announce they are divorcing and that her dad has a new girlfriend.  Her older brother and sister seem to do a better job of dealing with these changes, but Effie feels cut off from her father and suspicious of his new girlfriend, Krista, almost immediately.

When her dad and Krista throw a house closing party (the opposite of a house warming party), Effie is somehow left off the guest list.  So she decides to sneak in and say goodbye to her childhood home (and retrieve one of her treasures she has hidden in a small nook) and ends up overhearing a few conversations that make her realize that things may not have been quite as they appeared.

Kinsella's books often center around misunderstandings and this one is no different.  I always enjoy her stories and Party Crasher is a fun stand-alone novel.

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