Thursday, November 4, 2021

Friday Five: The Holidays Must Be Coming


I've driven to school in the dark for several weeks now and am excited that on Monday it should be a little lighter. However, I have noticed that this week the evenings at home seem so long.  And once we turn our clocks back and it gets dark even sooner, I fear that the nights will seem endless.  I actually thought about counting down until the shortest day so I could then begin looking forward to slowly adding back more daylight.  

The things I'm sharing this week definitely have a holiday theme to them. I love all the holiday plaids and velvet and wish I could wear them a lot longer than seems appropriate.

1.  Whisper Cotton Turtleneck in Ivorton Stripe

2.  Buffalo Plaid Duster Cardigan

3.  Oversized Crop Turtleneck Sweater

4.  Teddie Sweater

5.  Ruffleneck Mini Shirtdress

6.  The Corinne Lugsole Loafer

7.  Wool Blend Mini skirt in Buffalo Check

8.  Wool Blend A-Line Mini Skirt

9.  Velvet Road Trip Sneakers

10.  Home Alone Lego Set - we have watched Home Alone so many times because my oldest daughter loves this movie. I don't have anyone that wants to play with Legos at this point, but I've found several sets I'd love to get.

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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