Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Non-Fiction: New Release

It's book release day for Share Your Stuff, I'll Go First by Laura Tremaine.  I was lucky enough to win a copy of this from Goodreads and have already enjoyed it.  


I've been listening to Tremaine's podcast 10 Things To Tell You for a couple years and I find her easy to listen to. Her voice alone is soothing and reassuring and I often pick 10 Things as what I listen to before going to bed.  It totally relaxes me.  

Tremaine's book is part memoir/part self-help book as she shares openly and candidly about her own life.  She provides writing prompts for readers to journal about or talk about with friends, and then shares her own reflections on the prompt she provided.  

I found myself wanting to pick up a pen and begin writing again. I always enjoyed journaling up until I got married and had kids, and there are many times I think that writing things out would be therapeutic.  Tremaine's prompts are ones that would require some thought and care when answering. 

This would be a great book to give to a friend, and I loved reading it myself.  There is lots to think about and I appreciate how transparent and vulnerable Laura allowed herself to be.

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