Thursday, January 28, 2021

Friday Five

TGIF!  This is the last week of January already.  I'll admit to feeling from time to time this month as though time were standing still, but then an entire month passes by and it makes you realize how quickly time really is going.  I'm still waiting for some cute spring and summer clothes to come out, so until then I'll be sharing the in-between seasons type of stuff that seems to be everywhere right now.


1.  La Exploradora Down Puffer Jacket - I love the look of this jacket.  Even though I'm ready for spring, I feel like this one is thin enough it might work as a coat during the transition from winter to spring.


2.  Women's Colorful Spot Yarn Knit Sweater - this is only $22 on Amazon and I feel like it's such a fun piece.  I'm trying to not acquire more clothing, but then I see something like this and try to justify that it's a bargain.

3.  Easy Quilted Knit Jacket - a perfect piece for layering in the in-between time of winter and spring.

4.  GapFit High Rise Full Length Blackout Leggings - I'm always on board for any animal print I can find.  This one comes with a matching sports bra, but I'm always way more covered up than that when I work out.  The leggings are all I need.

5.  Klub Nico Sadie Shoes - I have loved wearing my Keds that are similar to this, gifted to me by a friend who found them too small. The detail on these is so cute.

6.  Born Brin Ballet Flats -and I'd love to find a nice ballet flat that doesn't slip off of my heel. I've got super narrow feet (and even narrower heels) and struggle to find anything that fits well.

7.  Book Lovers Flannel PJ Set - I actually did order these for myself.  I am lazy at bedtime, often just wearing sweats, but maybe if I had book themed pjs I'd be more excited to get ready for bed.  

8.  The Ivy Chelsea Boot in Leather - I've seen chucka boots everywhere this winter and would really like a pair.  I'm still holding out for a great sale.

9.  Carhartt Hat - and Carhartt hats seem to be the "in" thing as well. Little Sister bought one last weekend for herself. She looks so cute with it on. I'm not sure that is what I'd look like....

10.  1,000 Pound Sisters - this show is such a train wreck, and yet I happened to catch a few minutes of it when my daughter and her friends were watching it, and couldn't stop watching.  Ugh.  Anyone else caught up in Tammy and Amy's drama?

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Love your clothing picks this week especially the jackets and the boots. I have some gray Chelsea Sorels like these which I love.

Ti said...

That first puffer jacket reminds of the brand OP, Ocean Pacific. Remember that brand? It was so popular before it hit Walmart. LOL.

Those Pjs are my kind of thing. I am still wearing joggers and sweatshirts to bed because as soon as I get home, well, when I went anywhere, I would change into my PJs but actual PJs are awkward when the Prime guy comes to the door or I need to run out for the mail. Right now though, I seriously do not care what I look like. I am pretty sure the people at Home Depot thought I was homeless the last time I went there. I had on the worse outfit!