Monday, February 15, 2021

Monday Mini-Reviews: Enjoying Some Good Weekend Reads

This morning started off with a two hour delay for me, and my girls ended up with a day off because of the cold weather.  This past weekend would have been a great opportunity to curl up with a good book, but I was busy all weekend.  Prom dress shopping took up one entire day and then yesterday I had grocery shopping along with several other things I needed to get done.  Luckily the books I did read were great!


Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano is a fun mystery. Finn is trying to deal with an ex-husband who is trying to get custody of their kids, a writing career that could use a jump-start, and a serious lack of money.  When a woman offers Finn a large sum of money to get rid of her husband, Finn tries to get out of it explaining that Finn isn't a paid killer.  However, she is curious about why the woman wants her husband eliminated and does a little investigating.  And from there things spiral out of control.  This is such a fun, entertaining mystery. I'm hopeful that the book's ending means we might get to meet up with Finn again in a future installment. 

Meet You In The Middle by Devon Daniels-I know most people are sick of politics right now, but I am here for anything that is West Wing adjacent.  Ben is a Republican and Kate a Democrat.  When they first meet, Kate has nothing good to say about Ben.  But as they continue to run into each other and their hatred eventually makes them frenemies, it is easy to see that there is an attraction between the two of them.  This is an open door romance, so be prepared for some steamy scenes, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Is it predictable? Yep.  That is ok every once in a while and this one was a fun read.  

It looks like we've got another week of this Arctic-like weather still ahead of us, which I hope means I can find some time to sneak in some reading while curled up on the couch with a warm blanket.  

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