Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Throwback Thursday: The BSC

 I read the Babysitters Club books way back when they were published when I was a middle schooler.  My sister bought the newest one from each Scholastic book order while I ordered the newest Girls of Canby Hall novel, and we'd swap books once we'd read our own.  

I didn't read a lot of BSC books, but once I went into education, I was on a quest to acquire all of these books that my sister and I had enjoyed so much.  I began looking at garage sales and used bookstores, and once I started teaching, re-reading the BSC books were about the only thing I could mentally handle. I could quickly get an entire book completed while riding the exercise book for forty minutes. 

So, this holiday season I felt like it was the perfect time to revisit these childhood favorites.  I picked up two of the super specials that were set in the winter.  I probably had read them before, but didn't really recall anything about them.  And it was delightful to curl up with these characters that feel like friends.  I loved the special about the snowstorm that strands the BSC members in various locations and situation.  I also loved the special that centered around a class trip in the winter to a lodge where many winter activities took place.  

I predict that someday soon I'll be picking up another BSC book.  I am so glad kids growing up now are still being exposed to these fun characters.  

What books would you re-read for nostalgia reasons?

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