Friday, November 6, 2020

Friday Five

Happy Friday! We've been busy this week going down to the state volleyball tournament in Cedar Rapids, enjoying watching Middle Sister's friends play.  We are so lucky to have had a season and then to get to the state has been a fun ride. 

The weather has also been beautiful. I'm going to enjoy it this weekend, because next week looks a little more like fall.

Here's what's caught my eye this week:

1.  Coffee House Vest - I buught a puffy vest last year that is metallic silver looking and wore it constantly. This quilted one would be a definite upgrade.

2.  Boucle Cardigan - last week JCrew Factory had ridiculous sales and I ordered this cardigan.  I can already envision several different ways I can wear it.

3.  7/8 Floral Tights - I saw these at Scheels last weekend and right away told my girls how much I liked them.  They rolled their eyes and went straight for the black leggings.  I love a good printed legging.

4.  Striped Fulton Pullover Sweater - you all know how I feel about stripes. This color combination is different than any other in my wardrobe.

5.  Read Your Socks Off Socks - who doesn't need a pair of fun reading socks?

6.  Women's Turtleneck Christmas Sweater - I love this cozy sweater. Amazon has several color options available.

7.  Ilse Jacobson Shoes - these probably aren't great cold weather shoes, but they are so cute.

8.  Wubby Fleece Pullover - with the upcoming winter weather, it's hard to resist purchasing this one. Plus it's camo.

9.  Good Vibes Oversized Sweatshirt - and more camo.

10.  Sesame Street Lego Kit - I love giving a Lego Kit for Christmas. I know this might seem like a little kid gift, but there are tons of pieces in this one.  And there's definitely some nostalgia for me when I see anything related to Sesame Street.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I love the Sesame Street lego set. You just reminded me that I heard there was one for Fenway Park in Boston - need to check whether that is true. Beautiful near 70 - 5 days here too after our unexpected snow last week.

Ti said...

That Christmas sweater is lovely.
Sounds like you are all doing okay. The weather has been so pretty here too. Next week it's supposed to get cold but right now it's 72 and breezy and just perfect.

I saw some sweatshirts at Target that caught my eye but I haven't gone online to check them out. I saw them on someone's Instagram posts so not sure how available they are but all I want to wear these days, or any day, are jean short and sweatshirt. It's my uniform.