Friday, October 2, 2020

Friday Five

I remember when school started in August and thinking that despite all of the Covid stress, the year would get underway, and we would look back after a few months and remark on how quickly time passed.  It's only October, but I'm here to tell you that's the truth.  We are all adjusting to our new "normal."  We'd love to go back to life without desk shields and the constant hand washing - and of course life without face masks.  But I am grateful for every day we have been able to go to school.  I am grateful for every cross country meet my kids have had.  My students seem happy to be back as well.  

So, despite the fact that things look a little different, we are all carrying on.  

I do have some new things that caught my eye this week.  It does feel like fall now and I'm ready for all the sweaters and sweatshirts out there.

1.  Timeless Flannel Long Sleeve Top - Title Nine has several different color options of this flannel. I'm partial to this one.

2.  Graphic Striped Modern T -this T looks so crisp and clean.  I'm a sucker for a good stripe.

3.  Silk Leopard Bandana - I've been planning on buying a scarf for a while. I love the leopard print paired with the bright colors.

4.  Women's Open Sweater Cardigan - I love this shorter cardigan because I'm short waisted and often find the longer sweater to be too long.  It comes in a variety of colors. 

5.  Mock Neck 1/4 Zip Sweater for Women -this comes in a variety of neutral colors and would be perfect for wearing to school. I like this heathered burgundy since it matches my girls' school colors.

7.  Zina Sneaker - this is such a fun show. I love animal print on the tongue and the bright pops of color.

8.  Play Open Front Cardigan - I have lots of camo, but not a camo cardigan like this. I'll be watching this one to see if it goes on sale.

9.  Women's Wenda Wide Width Cut-out Bootie - I love everything about this show except that it is wide-width.  That is a deal breaker for me and my AAA narrow feet.  

10.  The Social Network - this is on my list of shows I want/need to watch.  I've heard so many things about this show and need to see it for myself.

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

My big purchase this week is Gelo soap. Have you heard of it? I used to buy Bath and Body Works soap but we cannot buy them in store without a huge line and when I go online they sell out before I checkout. I have been hearing good things about Gelo and pod refills so I bought a few starter kits. Big, excitement over here. LOL.