Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Five

September 11 snuck up on me this year.  It's hard to believe that happened 19 years ago.  I was a new mom, home with my oldest daughter on maternity leave.  I remember staying up until late every night, sleeping on the couch with the television on, while watching the replay of news and the ticker tape scroll across the screen.  

I have tried to read every 9/11 book that's been published because that moment in time was such a meaningful one for our country - and one I was alive to experience firsthand.  I have a book waiting for me right now that came out last year that I will soon pick up.  

While that time was so difficult for our nation, it was also a time we were unified as a country, and that is a feeling we'd all like to have again.

So here is today's Friday Five on this very dreary, cold Iowa fall day. This is our fifth consecutive day of rain and cold, but the forecast looks promising for next week:

1.  Pull-on Wide Legged Pants - these come in a few color options, but I love these and think the would look great with a denim jacket and white T.

Pull On Wide Leg Pants

2.  Middle Grade Face Mask - my sister bought this mask for me and since I'm a middle school librarian, it's perfect. However, in addition to compliments from people, I've also had several people get way too close as they try to read the titles on the spines.  

Middle Grade Books

3.  Treasure and Bond Plaid Blouse - nothing too exciting about this top, but I love that it would work with jeans, dress pants, or shorts and capris.


4.  Giovanni Kimono - a couple of my coworkers have joined the kimono bandwagon and throw one of these on every day with whatever top they put on. I, too, may have to join them.

5.  Purple Rain T-Shirt - I definitely don't need a Purple Rain t-shirt, but in addition to feeling nostalgic and singing along every time I hear a Prince song, I also recall that our wedding DJ played this as the final song at our wedding reception/dance. 

Women's Prince Purple Rain Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt - Black - image 1 of 6

6.  Wide-Button Collar Tunic Sweatshirt - I love that this sweatshirt looks a little dressier than just the regular crewneck.

j.crew factory: wide button-collar tunic sweatshirt for women, right side, view zoomed

7.  Harlow Fair Isle Sweater -my love for Fair Isle is strong.  This is Sundance Catalog's new fair isle sweater for the fall/winter season.

8.  Pull on Skirt in Poplin - anyone who enjoys an easy, casual skirt to throw on, should check this one out.

Pull-On Skirt in Poplin

9.  Book Club For Kids Podcast- I've just rediscovered this podcast and am excited to get listening.  There is even an episode about how to do a virtual book club, and since I can't have kids coming to the library and eating every day like I used to, I'm going to listen in and hope for some good ideas.

Book Club for Kids - podcast

10.  Challenger Documentary - While 9/11 is certainly a watershed moment in our country's history, the Challenger explosion is etched in my mind as well. I was a seventh grader when this happened and I read every bit of news I could find about this tragedy. I'm so anxious to watch this documentary on Netflix.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?


Ti said...

My daughter would like that Purple Rain shirt.

I saw a book featured on the news today written by a boy who lost is father in one of the towers. Of course, he is now 28 years old but was only 9 at the time. It's called Sway.

His story is quite sad. An uncle fed him a narrative that wasn't true about how his father died and used it to sexually abuse him. Told him his dad jumped to his death from the tower but that was not the case. He became addicted to substances as a way to cope but is now clean. He was so well spoken. I immediately made note of the book once his interview was over.

Kay said...

I think you and I have talked about where we were on 9/11 - I remember you saying you were a new mother at home with your baby girl. And I shared that we had just a couple of weeks before taken our 'baby' girl to another city for her freshman year of college. Now you have a college freshman. I recall wanting to get in the car and go get our girl back then. We will never forget where we were, will we?

Sarah said...

I also sent you snap of that same Sundance sweater.

Sarah said...