Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Monday Not-So-Mini-Review on a Tuesday: Hello, Summer

I have long felt that Mary Kay Andrews' books are the perfect summer beach read.  I'd enjoy them any time of year, but for many years I've been able to read a new MKA book each summer and have enjoyed lounging beside the pool while my kids swam, reading one of these books.

This summer, MKA is kicking off the summer beach season with Hello, Summer.  It is classic Mary Kay Andrews: a southern setting, a little suspense and a little romance.  This one was enjoyable from the first page until the last.

When Conley's big-time journalism job falls through after her replacement has been hired and her going away party is in full swing, she makes a temporary stop at home in Silver Bay, Florida, a small town that seems to be slowly dying.  Conley and her sister, Grayson, don't exactly see eye to eye on anything, and Grayson is trying to make a go of small town, family owned newspaper - something that is nearly impossible as print journalism struggles to stay alive anywhere.  Conley moves in with her grandmother Lorraine and against her better judgement takes on an assignment for the Silver Bay Beacon, after Conley and her lifelong neighbor and pal, Skelly, happen upon a fiery car accident one night.

The victim of the accident is a local congressman who just happens to have a shady past, and once Conley begins asking questions, she can't help but continue her investigating and writing about the many secrets he's been keeping.  

There are twists and turns to this story, a few things that were predictable (which didn't bother me a bit) and a small town setting I appreciated and understood.  I also loved the way MKA was able to write passionately about print journalism and the sisters ties to their family newspaper. 

I'll ready anything Mary Kay Andrews writes; I'm just lucky I love all of her books and am always anxiously awaiting her next one.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This sounds like a fun summer read - love the cover too.