Thursday, March 19, 2020

And Just Like That....The World Is A Different Place

A little over a week ago I sat across from my school district's associate superintendent and asked if she thought we would miss any school because of the corona virus.  She replied that nothing was out of the question, but at that point it still seemed so remote.

Just a few days later, COVID-19 was the only thing anyone could talk about....and now here we are a week later, and we've been socially distancing for what seems like forever.  (It's only been four days, for the record).  

School is canceled for the next four least. My high school senior is coming to grips with the fact that she might not have a prom or a graduation.  We are adjusting to our new normal.

I have also been sucked down the rabbit trail of social media and horrifying news accounts all too often.  

I debated blogging or not, but honestly, I'm trying to keep a somewhat normal routine and blogging is a part of that.  With all this free time, one would think that I would have a lot of reading to show for it, but it's been hard to concentrate.  I'm hoping that as I adjust I'll feel more like reading. 

I did read Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman in between all of my time online.  And in addition to the title being appropriate for what is happening in real life, I also enjoyed the story.

Judy has started wearing her dog in a sling that she found packed away from her child's infant days.  She finds it comforting as much of her life seems to be falling apart. She's still dealing with her parents' deaths, her son is having troubles at school, she and her husband are separated but can't afford to divorce, so he's sleeping in a different bedroom, and another close friend is battling cancer.

This story might seem like a downer, but there's humor in it as well as some wise advice (I almost underlined a few things, but decided against it only because I'll be adding this book to my Little Free Library).  Considering I was not the best reader and had a hard time focusing on much of anything, Separation Anxiety did a great job of entertaining me and keeping my mind occupied on something other than the corona virus.  

I've moved on now to a middle grade novel that will be released later this year and hope to be back to blogging more regularly.  

I've debated my Friday Five post, but I've found a few cute things online and maybe you, like me, would like to think about something light and happy for a few minutes.  So check back tomorrow to see what I'm sharing.

Stay healthy!


Ti said...

Three weeks ago I bought things to stock up the pantry. My husband and daughter called me paranoid. They have changed their tune.

The entire world has changed and I think it has hit Americans the hardest. Mostly, because many feel entitled to what they have and refuse to budge. Now that restaurants have closed to dining in, people are finally getting it but not enough. My husband was still going to the gym which made me so mad because I am immunocompromised. Now that they are closed he doesn't have a choice.

Kay said...

I completely understand and I'm really sorry about kids like your daughter who are having their whole world upended. Yes, do put your Friday post up tomorrow. We need a little cheerful and I also enjoyed reading about the book your shared. I'll watch for that one. I'm struggling a bit with concentration, but I'm listening to a lot of books and taking solitary walks in our neighborhood. I'll get back to 'regular' reading soon. Oh, I'm also excited about the Wednesday book you shared. I liked the previous book. Take care and I'm thinking that checking in with my usual blogs more often will be helpful to my worry as well. said...

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