Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Rom Com To Fall In Love With

I'm a sucker for a sweet teen romance, and 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston fit the bill.  What a fun read!

Sophie's parents are leaving town for the holidays to be with her sister, Margot, and husband who are expecting their first child. Margot is in the hospital, suffering from pre-eclampsia, and Sophie is staying with her grandparents so she can be a part of her extended family's holiday plans.  

She's excited to tell her boyfriend, Griffin, that she is getting to stay around for the holidays, only to overhear him telling a friend that he kind of wants to break up with Sophie.

That's all Sophie needs to hear to realize that their relationship is over.  

Instead of spending the entire break feeling depressed over her breakup, Sophie's grandmother decides that she and the other members of Sophie's family will set her up on ten blind dates.

Some are enjoyable. Some are painful. Some are awkward. But they are all fun to read about, and experience with Sophie.  

And just maybe, true love is closer than Sophie ever realized.

I loved this book - from Sophie's large, extended family, to her sister awaiting her baby's birth, to the wacky dates Sophie takes part in, there is plenty to to love in 10 Blind Dates.

Anyone who enjoys a sweet romance and wants to close a book with a smile on their face, should pick up 10 Blind Dates.

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