Monday, February 10, 2020

Monday Mini-Reviews: Slow and Steady with Little Women

As I was listening to the Currently Reading podcast last fall, I remember them talking about their Slow But Steady reads, a new addition to the weekly podcast, a book they planned to read slowly and savor over a span of time.

Well, at that point I had tried and given up on Little Women.  LW was a re-read for me, and not only was 2019 its 150th anniversary, a movie was also in production.

A Slow and Steady Read seemed like the solution.  However, since I didn't rush into it, it hasn't been until 2020 that I actually dug out Little Women again.  I again started slowly, not even cracking the book open more than once in January. 

But now that February is under way and I have declared January to only be a trial run at my resolutions and plans for 2020, I have begun reading Little Women. 

And I'm enjoying it.  Thank goodness. I was despairing a little bit that a book I so enjoyed in my teen years was falling so flat for me this time around.  I've taken up reading just a chapter each night.  The pace isn't fast, but that's OK.  
I love that I've seen the movie recently enough that some of the plot is familiar to me.  This time instead of not making it past page seventeen, I'm actually fairly far into the book, and it just makes me want to read everything else I can get my hands on about Little Women.

This book will take me a while, but I've already come up with several other titles I may use for my next slow but steady read.  

Do you have a slow, but steady read?  What books would you choose for something like this?

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