Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Five: February Is A Thing of the Past

I'm happy to see March is truly right around the corner.  It's starting to get light as I drive to work each day, which is also a happy sign of spring coming.  However, I was brought back to reality this morning by a little snow on my car roof.

1.  Camo Farallon Jogger - There's no reason I couldn't use this pair of joggers in my wardrobe.  I love them.

Camo Farallon Jogger

2.  Printed Crew Neck Cardi - I always layer my clothes because it seems like you just never know how hot or cold it will be in my library at work.  I love the flowers on this sweater.

Printed Crew-Neck Cardi for Women

3.  The Marisa d'Orsay Flat - this is a nice pair of flats I wouldn't mind wearing to school this spring.

The Marisa d'Orsay Flat in Leather in desert camel image 1

4.  Lucky Duck Tech Puffer Jacket - even though I'm ready for spring, I do love a good puffer jacket.  I love the shine of this.

5.  Aerie Chenille Easy Cardigan - I broke down last week and bought this sweater.  It's so soft and comfy. My youngest daughter has already asked if she can wear it when she wants.  

Aerie Chenille Easy Cardigan

6.  Classic popover shirt in Ratti Bahama Floral print - as I said, I'm ready for spring and summer.  I love the floral print.  

j.crew: classic popover shirt in ratti® bahama floral print, right side, view zoomed

7.  Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Scattered Daisy Print- this little daisy print is cute and even though it's a sweater, it seems like it would be perfect for spring.

j.crew: cashmere crewneck sweater in scattered daisies print, right side, view zoomed

8.  Maddie Dress - I love this polka dot dress and dream of having a little bit of a tan when wearing this.

Maddie Dress - Ivory, Brand Spot

9.  Lydia Slingback Heels- animal print slingbacks.  Yes, please.

Lydia Slingback Heels - Zebra

10. Relaxed Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirt - I bought a striped sweatshirt last year from Old Navy and still wear it often. It is super soft.  This one looks just as lovely.  

Relaxed Vintage Crew-Neck Sweatshirt for Women

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?

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