Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Blog Tour: Almost Just Friends by New-To-Me Author Jill Shalvis

Yesterday I shared three novels I read during my four day weekend that I enjoyed.  Almost Just Friends by Jill Shalvis was also a novel I devoured this past weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed as well.

First of all, I can't believe this is my first experience with Shalvis' work. It certainly won't be my last.  I love a good romance every once in a while and this fits the bill nicely.  I didn't realize this is the fourth book in the Wildstone series, but after doing a bit of research it seems that my enjoyment of this book did not depend on having read the others.  

Piper is used to being in charge and being in control. She and her siblings lost their parents while she was a teenager, and she has spent the last decade and a half raising them and helping them out.  When she meets her neighbor's son, Camden, she thinks the two of them can have a little fun together, but is scared of any relationship and being vulnerable.  However, her feelings for Camden seem to be out of her control (this also scares her) and even though Cam is only stopping by his father's for a few weeks, their relationship seems to be moving full steam ahead.  There is family drama which includes Gavin, Piper's brother, and Winny, her younger sister who both have their own struggles to deal with, and Cam is dealing with the loss of his younger brother.  Shalvis does a great job combining romance, suspense, drama, and even some humor in this book.  

This is a fast read, and an author I'm going to be looking for in the future.  I'm glad that this blog tour gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with Jill Shalvis.

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