Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday Not So Mini-Review: Nothing More Dangerous

I read Allen Eskens' first book right after it was published. Shortly after that I had the privilege of meeting him at Book Expo America in Chicago.  There was no line for this author, and since I was the first one there, he pulled out a chair and asked me to sit down.  Since then Eskens has published several more books, each one a delight to read.

However, Nothing More Dangerous has received more buzz than his other books, and I'm hoping this is the book that garners enough attention that he becomes a must-read author for many.

Most of Eskens' books are considered mysteries. His newest is a little different than these, perhaps more historical fiction than mystery, a stand-alone, and  one I absolutely loved.

Set in the 1970s in Missouri, Boady is a teenager with a plan to escape the small town he has grown up in.  His father died when he was little and it's always been just him and his mother.  He's always been a loner at school, and when a new family moves in next door, Boady's beliefs about race are challenged.

This is the 1970s in Missouri and the idea of "us" and "them" still pervades every aspect of life there, and when the two boys find a body in the woods, it becomes obvious that some of the people in this town are serious about keeping the races separate.

There is suspense as well as some tender moments in this novel, and I think that this may be Eskens' best work yet.  If you haven't read this author before, he is one you should try.  I am already looking forward to his next book, and he has definitely become a must-read author for me.

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