Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Mini-Reviews: The Day Got Away From Me

I meant to write a quick post about the two books I read and enjoyed this past week, but somehow Monday sort of got away from me. It is now after 7 PM and I am just returning home for the evening and finally sitting down. (This might be some of the reason my reading has been so slow, too).

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson is Jenna Bush Hager's November book club pick. I had looked at it prior to her picking it and felt mildly interested, but the one fantastical/magical/unrealistic aspect of the novel is something I wasn't sure I'd enjoy.  Lillian is approached by Madison, a girl she roomed with long ago to come and care for her stepchildren.  The two correspond but haven't really kept in close contact, and when Lillian finally meets the twins she can hardly believe that they are as challenging as Madison says.  (They do happen to start on fire when angry or upset). This book is more about the friendship between the women and Lillian's search for finding her path in life than it is about the twins bizarre fire-setting skills.  Despite my initial misgivings, this is a novel I really enjoyed.

The Cold Way Home by Julia Keller- I've loved this series since the first book came out and the eighth installment is just as enjoyable as all the others in the series.  The regular cast of characters is back, there is a murder to solve and there is a death from years in the past that may be connected. I loved that these characters are familiar and their lives continue to unfold and develop over time.  There is a twist at the end I didn't expect which is always a plus in my book. The only drawback is that I realized that somehow I missed reading #7 in this series, and now need to go back and get that one read. 

Two books this past week is not too shabby (I did get some YA books read as well and a non-fiction one, too, but I'm saving them for a different day), and I'm hoping I can find a few more hours this week to get some reading done. 

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