Monday, August 5, 2019

Blast From the Past: August 2009

Looking back at the books I read in August 2009, I was excited to see that I actually remember a lot of what I read that month.  Anyone needing a good read now would certainly still enjoy any of these titles.

Standing By: The Making of An American Military Family in a Time of War by Alison Buckholtz - I love memoirs, and this one about a woman whose husband is deployed is one I was fascinated by. I have friends whose husbands have been deployed, but because they live far away, I hadn't really considered her day to day reality.  This is a great look at what being a military family looks like.

Jelly Belly by Robert Kimmel Smith - I read this book as a kid and then read it to my own children.  I love this book, which tells the story of Ned, a young boy trying to lose weight in order to be healthier. I hate to admit that I could relate to Ned as a child, but I definitely could.  Reading and watching TV (my two favorite pastimes) didn't burn many calories so my parents were always trying to find ways for me to be active.

Life's That Way: a Memoir by Jim Beaver - this is another memoir, but devastatingly sad as Beaver writes of the birth of his daughter and the beginnings of his young family and then learning shortly after her child's birth that his wife has terminal lung cancer.  

Climbing the Stairs by Padma Venkatraman - diversity in children's literature is the big buzzword now, but I've been reading books about other cultures for many years. Vidya is living in British occupied India during World War II and wants to go to college.  Unfortunately some circumstances force her into a traditional role, one where schooling is not in her future.

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies - this is a book that seems to have become a staple read aloud for many lower elementary teachers.  I found it to be a little too preachy, but overall, this is a solid story about siblings who are in a competition to make money at a lemonade stand.  This is just the first in a great series that kids will be anxious to read.

What were you reading back in August of 2009? Anything good I need to add to my TBR?

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