Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book Expo 2018: The Books and Authors

Last week I shared pictures from my second trip to New York City for Book Expo and all the places we went aside from BEA. 

So, this week, after I've had some time to recover from this big trip - and finish up my school year- I'm sharing the book related parts of the trip.

First of all, I have yet to get tired of Book Expo and love getting there well over an hour before they open the doors.  The mass of people hanging out, going through the daily PW newspaper, and talking about books is something I enjoy.  This year I even managed to meet up with two of the women I met last year while standing in line. This year we exchanged contact info, and parted with a, "see you next year."

On Thursday, Middle Sister, my  mom and aunt attended Book Expo with me.  Mostly I walked around by myself, trying to grab the books I wanted, and sent Middle Sister to stand in the autographing area with a list of books and signing times.  We also made several trips to the mailing area.  This year I had already determined I wasn't going to try to squeeze books into my luggage. I would just pay (through the nose, I might add) to ship them home.

I didn't have any must have authors or books on my list, but still managed to send home four boxes.  I also got an autographed copy of an excerpt from Kwame Alexander's next book, Swing, which will be published in the fall. And I got to meet Doris Kearns Goodwin and get a signed ARC of her new book Leadership: In Turbulent Times, also coming out this fall.

I have enjoyed standing in line with other book lovers and talking about books for the past three years. This year I actually have made some contacts that I will get in touch with before BEA next year.  The trip is expensive and not very practical because it falls at the end of the school year, but I love being with other book crazy people and getting to see what's coming out soon.

There are too many good books I now have sitting in the ever growing TBR piles at my house. Picking just nine that I want to read was nearly impossible, but these are the ones that have made their way to the top of my stacks.  

Although the touristy part of the New York trip was fun, I honestly would be happy going to Book Expo and returning to my hotel room at night to read.  Book Expo 2018 was another great experience, and as I told the women I've now stood next to in line for two years, "see you next year."


Kay said...

I totally understand your joy, Tina! And you got the Picoult book - wonderful! I heard from someone else that Liane Moriarty's newest (out in the fall) was publicized, but no ARCs. I shipped two boxes home from Malice Domestic (and, yes, paid through the nose). Sure do hope you get to go again next year!

Ti said...

I have not attended the event but I like the bookish aspects.... not the crowd or the waiting in line stuff. I love listening to authors but I am starstruck when I see one or talk to one to have my book signed. How did you do this year with shipping your books back? I remember you had quite a bit to ship back last year.