Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Five

I woke up this morning to some heavy rain showers, but managed to still force myself to work out before starting the day.  I wish getting up super early would get easier, but I think it might always be hard.  I've got a full day ahead and told the girls I would take them to see the movie The Miracle Season tonight, so I don't have time for a workout later today.

The temperatures are definitely spring-like here, and I'm finding some spring and summer clothes I'd love to have.

1.  Cole Haan Open Toe Wedge Pump - I love how these look. At this point, they are too dressy for the job I have and I just don't dress up to hang out at home.  But if I had a job that required some professional clothing, these shoes would be in my closet.

2.  Women's Modern Loafer - Katie Couric was raving about these loafers on her podcast and if Katie loves them, I probably would, too. There are several color options available, but these red shoes would be fun.

3.  The Soft Cotton Square Crew - while I was checking out Everlane and the loafers above, I noticed this sweater. Just a wardrobe staple available in several colors.  

4.  Make Mystery Graphic T-  maybe some people wouldn't recognize this as a nod to Nancy Drew, but I've loved Nancy since I was about nine years old.  

5.  Criss Cross Sweatshirt - this is perhaps not a very exciting sweatshirt, but my daughter has one from Athleta's girls' line and it is so soft and nice looking, that I just might need one for myself.

6.  Tilda Embroidered Cotton Skirt - I have a pair of pants that has a city scene on it that I bought several years ago. I still like that look, and this skirt would just update it.

7.  Tortoise Slide Sandal - someday I just might buy a pair of sandals. You know how I feel about leopard print clothing. I love it equally much on shoes.

8.  Gingham Pajama Set - and I love gingham, so why not get a pair of gingham pajamas?

9.  Molls Top  - another pretty standard top, but with a little extra detail.

10.  The Palace released new pictures of Baby Louis. Adorable.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

1 comment:

Ti said...

Love the gray striped top. The loafers are cute but so pricey! Too pricey for me.

That baby pic. Such a cute family. Will you watch the wedding this weekend? I am thinking about getting up at 3am for it.