Monday, April 2, 2018

Blast From the Past: April 2008

Since it is finally April (please let the weather feel like April sometime soon), I've  come up with five titles I read a decade ago to share. I love remembering books I've read and enjoyed.

1.  Sit, Ubu, Sit by Gary David Goldberg - what I most remember about this book is Goldberg's creating Family Ties, a show I loved and watched every Thursday.  However, this memoir encompasses more than just his professional life and we get to learn about how Goldberg met and married his wife and also found success.

2. The Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz- the second in this hilarious and clever series - this is just a fun and entertaining book and I'm a little sad that the series has come to an end.

3.  Drita, My Home Girl by Jenny Lombard -a nice, tween novel that I consistently still recommend to students. A good friend story about two girls who think they have nothing in common based on their outer appearances, but eventually realize there is more to them than what they look like on the outside....also an immigrant story as Drita has moved from Kosovo because of the war there.

4.  Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope by Don Van Ryn, Susie Van Ryn, Newell Cerak, Colleen Cerak, Whitney Cerak, with Mark A Tabb - this headline news story is still something I think about every once in a while. Two college girls, Whitney and Laura, were in a tragic car accident.  One of them died, the other was in a coma.  Somehow the two were mistakenly identified and the wrong family believed their daughter had died.  This mistake was not quickly resolved.  What is even more amazing about this story is the faith these families have in God and the way they have moved on, with hope for the future.

5.  Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner- I'm a Weiner fan and I'll read whatever she writes. I do remember Good in Bed, which featured the same character as Certain Girls, more clearly, but you can't ever go wrong with this author.

So, what were you reading back in April of 2008? How about last April? What are your reading plans for April of 2018?


Kay said...

I laughed when I saw 'Sit, Ubu, sit!' and then I very clearly heard it in my head from TV. I really liked the Spellman books too. Just keep saying 'Spring is coming...'. It is, I'm sure. We have wildflowers now, so it must be moving north up the interstate. LOL

Ti said...

I have a fun fact to share...

Do you remember Nick from Family Ties? Mallory's boyfriend? He is my coworker's boyfriend, has been for years. A few years back he was at a Christmas party and I stopped dead in my tracks because I recognized him! He took a pic with me and we are friends on Facebook now. LOL.

DMS said...

I read Drita, My Homegirl around the time it came out. Haven't read any of the others. I think 2008 was when I read The Lightning Thief and the rest of the series that was out. :)