Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Five: Spring is Truly Right Around the Corner

Yesterday I actually left school without my coat on.  And it felt wonderful.  I've looked at the seven day forecast and it doesn't all look so spring-like, but there are several days in a row that will seem magical.  

I must say, that although I just purchased (and love) a pair of buffalo plaid slip on loafers that I've been eyeing since November (they are truly winter shoes), I am okay with putting them away until next year.

Here are this week's highlights of my online browsing:

1.  Halogen Stripe Sweater - Nordstrom has a few different color combinations of this sweater.  I'd be happy with any of them, but this is my absolute favorite.

2.  Double Layer SweatshirtI like the look of this layered sweatshirt and even though one reviewer did note that it hit her at her widest point of her hips, it was so comfortable that she didn't care.  I would be willing to try this one out....
even though it's a sweatshirt it looks dressy enough to wear to work.

3.  Dewey Decimate T-Shirt - this one is truly screaming my name.  I can't wait to wear this shirt. (I've shown it to my kids and they are appalled that I would put this on - and wear it in public, no less).

4.  Ruffle Hem T - I originally looked at this in black and fell in love with it.  And then I saw this color, and love it, too.  I think purchasing both would be justified.

5.  Keds X Kate Spade New York Double Decker - this is the exact same style of shoe that I recently purchased in buffalo plaid.  This would be a perfect spring design.  

6.  Arizona Soft Footbed Copper Sandal- my husband bought me a pair of Birkenstocks for Christmas that I'm excited to wear this summer.  Just like fur, camo, and sequins, metallic things also call my name.
7.  Sunset Toms - feeling like these shoes are also rather springy and comfortable.  

8.  Striped Boatneck Sweater - long ago I had a shirt or sweater that was striped in these colors. I loved it and am not really sure what happened to it.  The boatneck might not work for me because I have narrow shoulders, but I'm liking everything else about it.

9.  Printed Crew Neck T - a few weeks I shared some eyeglass-themed clothes from Boden. In their newest catalog they have some super cute printed Ts. And eyeglasses just happen to be on one of them.

10.  PILOT FriXion Color Sticks Erasable Gel Pens, 10-pack of Assorted Colors  - if you are someone who loves office supplies, then these are a must purchase. I watched as a friend used these at our professional development on Monday. She modeled how they erased (perfectly) and showcased the variety of colors.  So, I came home and put them in my Amazon cart and was very excited when Big Sister needed to order a book for school so I could justify purchasing the pens along with the book.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?


Ti said...

I have those pens. I use them for my Bible journaling. I find that they erase great but not forever. I went back to something I'd written a few months ago and it erased but left a shadow. So at some point I think they lose their erasability.

The Birkenstocks I am getting as soon as I get my bonus. I have promised them to myself for far too long.

Running N Reading said...

For some reason, the link for the boatneck sweater is not working...AND I LOVE IT! Where is it from, Tina? I live for stripes! Also, those Keds are are killing my budget today. ;) I hope you have a great weekend!