Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Beach Book That Can Be Enjoyed Any Time of Year

I had so many fantastic beach books to read this year that I am still picking up books to read that would have been great to take along to the pool while I had time off from work.

Happily, Nancy Thayer's latest, Secrets in Summer, is a novel that can be enjoyed any time of year.  

Darcy is living in her grandmother's house on Nantucket. She's the children's librarian at the public library and in a new relationship with a man who does construction work, Nash.  Their relationship is new so she's not exactly sure how serious things are yet.  The summer gets interesting when Darcy's ex-husband, Boyz, rents a home behind her and their back yards adjoin. Although Darcy is over Boyz and happy with her current situation, she does run into him and his new family frequently which adds some drama to the quiet life Darcy has made for herself.

The story centers around Darcy. I liked the relationships she formed with women of various ages and the way Thayer included that as a part of the story.  The setting is lovely, no matter the time of year.  Her romance with Nash is fun to read as well, and I could relate to what Darcy felt as she attempted to navigate the early stages of a relationship.

Thayer's novel are ones I normally enjoy and this is no exception.  This would have been a great book to bring along to the swimming pool, but even though I didn't have a chance to read Secrets of Summer while lying next to a pool and soaking up the sun, I enjoyed it while curled up on my couch this past weekend. 

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