Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Five: The Dog Days of Summer

We are at the point in the summer where I am sick of hanging out all day with my  kids, yet not quite ready to embrace the idea of going back to work.  And we will officially be on high speed next week as we finish up some last minute summer errands.

I'm loving looking at new fall clothing, but am also enjoying some of the summer items that are still being featured.  I missed last week's Friday Five (summer laziness on my part), so I've got ten things for you this week:

1.  Women's High Rise Floral Embroidered Mossimo Light Wash Jeans -  I love embroidery on jeans.  These have a nice, affordable price tag, but I'm not so sure about the "high rise" part of the description.

2.  Women's Crocs Leigh-Ann Ankle Strap Leather Mini Wedge - my middle daughter has been dying for a pair of crocs (had I known they would ever come back in, I would have saved her my pair that I got rid of several years ago).  So, we stopped at a Croc outlet last week. I am always pleasantly surprised by the different styles of shoes they now sell.  And how comfortable they are.

3.  Sofft Somers Slip On Sneaker - I've seen a variety of this shoe for a while now. I could wear these with jeans or khakis, so they might eventually be something I need to add to my wardrobe.

4.  Sugar Mill Wedges - Since I can't wear open toed shoes to work and my normal summer wardrobe consists of black Lucy shorts and a t-shirt, there isn't a great need for a dressy pair of sandals. But I love these.

5.  Rafaela Printed Sweater - Boden's new catalog came this week. I love this sweater which comes in a few designs. This is my favorite.

6.  Statement Pullover - Gap Factory Outlet had great deals last weekend. I'm still kicking myself for not getting this sweatshirt.  

7.  Nindi Long Sleeve Thermal - my mom recently purchased this shirt was in beautiful in person.  It's a bit of an investment, but I'm hoping someday she gifts it to me when she is tired of it.

8.  Women's Rugby Stripe - my new Eddie Bauer catalog also arrived. I don't order from them as much as I once did, but I love these stripe rugbys.

9.  Lay's Potato Chips - our household has tried them all.  I can't pass up a good chip and although I didn't love any of them, none of them were too bad, either.

10.  Fully Booked Podcast - my list of podcasts is ridiculously long and I'm never caught up, but of course when I heard there was a book podcast I didn't yet have on my radar, I quickly subscribed. I've listened to and enjoyed two episodes.

So that's it for this Friday. What's caught your eye this week?


Patti Smith said...

I'm adding Full Booked to my queue! My list is growing faster than I can listen! :)

Ti said...

Great finds, as usual. My daughter started school this week so we are already in fall mode even though it was still 100 degrees yesterday. I really need an entire new wardrobe. I have nothing that fits. I did lose some weight when I decided to eat clean and I've been making all of it work because I still have more to lose but it's become embarrassing to look at my closet these days.