Monday, June 5, 2017

Book Expo 2017

My second Book Expo experience took place this past week.  I attended last year in Chicago with my friend, Kristin, for the first time and loved it.  Unfortunately Kristin couldn't come back with me this year, so my mom, my oldest daughter, and a friend of my mom's all agreed to make the trek to NYC with me.

I know from other attendees that Book Expo has become smaller in recent years, but to me, it was fantastic!  There were too many authors to meet and too many books to carry and lug around.  It was a book lover's paradise.

On the plane ready to start our adventure

Midway up the stairs at the Javit's Center

Author Jamie Ford has a new book coming out this fall called Love and Other Consolation Prizes.  He signed a copy for me.  Incidentally, when he found out I was from Iowa he shared that his son had considered attending Luther College which happens to be my alma mater's rival in all things athletic.  He didn't choose Luther. Instead he attends Concordia St. Paul, which is where my parents both attended college.

Nancy Pearl the rock star of all librarians was there.  She has written a work of fiction to be published this fall.  She shared with me that she has been to Waterloo (the town where I work) to do a study on juvenile delinquents.

Kwame Alexander was full of energy.  The top picture is a picture of him taking selfies. This was posted on Twitter and I just happen to be in the background.

Jen Hatmaker signed her new book. She is just delightful and since the podcasters I listen to refer to her often, I had to check her out for myself.

Nearly every woman in my age group has read a Babysitter's Club at some point.  I was the first person in line to get her to sign her latest book, another Miss Piggle Wiggle book to be out this fall.

And speaking of podcasters.....Gretchen Rubin was there signing her book The Four Tendencies. I listen to Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth each week on her Happiness podcast.  I truly felt like I was meeting a good friend.

My big surprise of the morning was that Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush were there to promote their upcoming memoir Sisters First.  Although we only received a short excerpt, I loved meeting the twins, who told me I could join their family if I wanted.

I didn't have my picture taken with every author I met, and I have yet to take a picture of the entire stack of books I brought back because I had to pay for 70 pounds of books (roughly 80 books) to be shipped back.  But, the experience was marvelous.  I loved connecting with other readers and book lovers.  

I have lots more to share about Book Expo and New York City, but I'll be doing that in the next few days.  Right now I've got several reviews due and four days of school left.  

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Ti said...

I followed all your pics and it looks like you covered plenty of ground over there. 80 books??? Wow! I want to see pics of them!