Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Five: Hello, April!

The past few nights I've noticed how it is staying light so much later than just a few weeks ago. Last night I even took my dog for a walk at 8 PM - and it wasn't dark.  The weather could warm up - and it could stop raining any day - but I love that winter appears to be over.

Lots of great things online again this week. Here are a few I'm sharing:

1.  The Classic Shirt (Ivory Beach) - there are a few other prints, including a polka dot that I love, but this is a new design, and I'm just biding my time until I can't stand the temptation and end up purchasing it.

2.  Espadrille Wedges - unfortunately my school doesn't allow open toed shoes.  Ugh. My sandal inventory has reduced greatly since that dress code went into effect. Mostly I just wear flip flops all summer long. I do need a pair of dressy sandals at some point, and these are super cute.

3.  Tretorn Nylite Plus  - my poor old Tretorns that I continue to wear look old and ratty. These would really brighten up my day. There are a few other colors available, but the green speaks to me.

4.  Women's Short Sleeve Oil Wash Top with Pom Pom and Lace Trim - Target is carrying the brand Knox and Rose now (maybe they always have, but it was news to me).  I love the shirts in the store right now. I did break down and buy this last weekend.  

5.  Woven Tripod Accent Stool -I love this colorful stool.  I'm not sure I could sneak this into my house since is pretty bright.  

6.  Folk Art Mug - and if I needed another mug....this would be it.  

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

I love that mug.

I stepped into Sephora the other day and sprayed Miss Dior on me and I was seriously in heaven all day. I am a big perfume lover but for my everyday scent I use Clinique Happy Heart because it's clean, affordable and never offends anyone but the Miss Dior was like walking on a cloud in heaven. I think I need to have it but the large bottle is like $160 and the small bottle close to $100. Or, I can just keep going to Sephora for samples.