Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Five: Easter Edition

Easter weekend used to mean getting each daughter a new dress for church. That's kind of gone by the wayside for us over the years. It seems to be cold on Easter usually--- too cold for a spring dress.  And honestly, not all of my girls want to wear a dress to church, so it seems like a poor investment.  

I did go shopping last weekend and found a few things that worked for my girls - and a few things to put in their Easter baskets.  

I also found some great things online.  Here are a few that excited me this week:

1. Ruffled Alma Tunic Dress - I realized recently how few dresses/dressy clothes I have anymore.  I like this one a lot.

2.  Libbie Dress - and this one, too.  

3.  Minette Shoes - and I  might night have picked these shoes out had I not seen them with the dress (above), but once I saw the model wearing them with the dress, I realized how fantastic it looked.

4.   Stitch Stripe Sweater - I'd like to say it's too warm for a sweater, but that isn't true at all. Unfortunately. I do like the blue of this sweater, although the neckline looks wide, which is something that usually doesn't work for me.  I'm just ignoring that aspect right now and enjoying the color and lightweight-ness of it.

5. Women's Eddie Bauer Haller Slip-on - I wouldn't mind having these to slip on quickly as I take the dog out, or go and run errands.  

6.  Grace and Frankie on Netflix - I caught the first episode of Grace and Frankie and laughed a lot.  I have several people who would enjoy this show and am excited to find some time to watch it myself.

So, how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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