Thursday, March 2, 2017

Always Looking Forward To A New Month of Books

I'm always looking for new books to add to my TBR (as if I'll ever run out!).  Each month there are several websites I visit at the beginning of the month in order to see the new "best" lists. 

If you are also wanting a few new book recommendations, these are worth checking out.

Amazon has many different categories that they break their books into each month.  I love looking at all the different best books for kids, as well as the adult suggestions.

IndieBound is a great source for new titles to add to your TBR.  There is an Indie Next List published each month to highlight new book titles that are submitted by indie bookstore owners.

Book of the Month Club gives subscribers five new selections to choose from each month.  Subscribers can also choose from previous months' selections.  Even if you don't subscribe, it's worth looking at the books that BOTM offers, because certainly you could add them to your library hold list.

Every month my public library updates their new releases link.  I can easily add a handful (or more) to my hold list.

ReadingGroupGuides updates each month. They feature new titles that have discussion guides to accompany them. This is not always updated on the first of the month, but within the first week, the site usually  has new offerings.

BookPage - I love picking up the newest edition of this from my public library which provides it free to its patrons.  The website is also fantastic, and readers can find almost everything from the print version online.

Barnes and Noble Discover New Writers- up until recently B&N did a better job of having a set date when the new Discover winners were announced. I feel like they no longer do it as frequently, so I find myself checking this at the beginning of each month.  This is a great place to find some new and lesser known authors.  

Goodreads- publishes a newsletter that I receive each month that highlights books to be released during the month.  

If you still are looking for books, EarlyWord, is a fantastic site that updates many times during the week, and updates weekly, providing new selections and reviews.

Happy Reading! 

If you have any additional websites you check for book recommendations, I'm all ears.

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