Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Five

It's State Wrestling Tournament time here in Iowa.  My husband is an assistant coach, so this is a week that's super busy.  He and Big Sister (a team manager) left on Tuesday after school. The team qualified to wrestle in duals and five individual wrestlers qualified as well.  I am taking a personal day today to travel to Des Moines with Middle Sister and Little Sister for the tournament.

And when I say "travel to Des Moines for the tournament" I  mean "go shopping, eat at some great restaurants, and socialize."

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week (and this is BEFORE) I've even been to Jordan Creek Mall.

1.  Enamel Pins from Book Riot -there are some super cute enamel book related pins on Book Riot. I could purchase any of them and enjoy them.  These are probably my two favorites, but I won't lie.  I like them all. 

2.  Twist Front T - this cute t-shirt comes in a variety of colors from Nordstroms.  It's only $22 which is a steal. I am in need of some type of closet overhaul and feel like this would be versatile and something I would wear often.  

3.  Ravenna Top - Boden always has cute stuff. The biggest worry is which item to purchase first.  I like this top, but there are a few others I've been keeping my eye on as well.

4.  Girlfriend Twill Stripe Chinos - last year I bought some salmon chinos identical to this from Gap. I am interested in adding the celery colored ones to my wardrobe this year. And  right now Gap is offering 50% off for President's Day.

5.  Celie Top - I don't often look at the Anthropologie website, but they have cute stuff.  Some of it is outside of what I'm willing to pay, but every once in a while I luck out.  

6. Book Club Appetizer Podcast   - I love, love, love book podcasts. This one publishes only once a month, but interviews some fantastic authors with recent books popular with book clubs. I've listened to a few episodes and love it.

So, how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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